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The two most important links for poetry in the Rocky Mountain west are for The Colorado Poets Center, with a listing and web-link for the most widely published poets in Colorado and the Internet Poets Co-Op, with lots of free poems, recordings, links, and digital work. With these two links, you can find almost anything.

The New York Quarterly: the leading poetry magazine concentrating on Craft with regard to all schools of poetry across the nation since 1969:

Poets & Writers: a useful source for networking, information, and funding for poetry readings and events:

Turtle Island Quarterly: a new online poetry journal on Tumblr:

Boston Area Small Press Review: an ongoing literary review blog of the Small Press World, complete with interviews, reminiscences, and archives written by poet Doug Holder, Editor of The Ibbetson Street Press and literary editor of The Somerville News:

The Pedestal: an award-winning, on-line literary magazine from North Carolina that features both new and famous writers, along with intelligently written literary and music reviews. You can submit on-line as well, at:

The Academy of American Poets: the largest and most influential poetry organization prior to The Poetry Foundation. Publishers of the annual Walt Whitman Award, among others, it's worth becoming a member of:

An Everywhere Oasis: Literary works of Alan and on-line...independent poetry, essays, photos and website design. This is what the Web can do:

Two sites for the first independent bookstore in France to carry Jared's books: and

Colorado Poets Center, a comprehensive directory of Colorado poets, events, reviews, and more:

Birch Brook Press, run by Tom Tolnay, who worked with Harry Smith at The Smith, this press publishes very fine books on antique hand-set presses, and distributes not only in this country, but Canada and Europe as well:

The Puddin'head Press is the largest independent press and bookseller in Chicago. This website lists not only their authors' books, but also those of the other small presses in Chicago—as well as a huge inventory of books that are hard to come by:

Alternative blues music and poetry in Chicago:

Gloria Mindock's Cervena Barva Press is very interesting, encouraging work by Central and Southern Europeans, among others:

The late great Len Fulton's Dustbooks site has all the information you need for success in the Small Press World, whether as a publisher or author:

Two of the widely differing faces of poetry that are a part of Chicago, and there are many others:, and

Don Lev's Home Planet News, because Don has been in the middle of the New York literary scene and the national Small Press scene at its best for years:

Don't forget to visit Rhino, "the little magazine with a big horn."

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